welcome to xoddo!

If you liked us before you're gonna love us now! Still create as many Xoddo designs as you want for free, but our new creative building tools let you do so much more. Even upload your own images for a super custom design.

Make Xoddos that are bigger, fuzzier, fatter and "sticker" than before. Our original stuffed "Xoddo" and it's smaller version the "Pocket Xoddo" are still available, but now we offer a much larger selection of products you can put your design on. We've listened to your comments and expanded our line-up. Think clothes, blankets, sticker sheets, wall graphics, sneakers, and so much more... And we keep adding new ones all the time.

We've partnered with some great companies that can take your designs and make them into great products too. Heard of Fathead.com? Order a new wall decal set from us, and Fathead makes them for you. Zazzle.com? Only the greatest company in the world for custom shirts, sneakers and personalized gear! Build a Xoddo here, click the "ZazzleIt" button and see the actual product with your Xoddo design on it at the Zazzle.com site. It's free to see too. We continue to refine our website too. Giving users fun, powerful tools to create designs that become actual stuffed toys. Every design is still as unique as the person who created it, and it still costs nothing to play around and build them. Just create an account in order to save them. Once thats done you can share'm with friends, print them or buy them.

Have fun. We would love to hear what you think of the new Xoddo.com.

Team Xoddo